World War II: How it all began

On September 1, 1939 Germany attacked Poland. No, this war did not start all of a sudden. Adolf Hitler made no secret of his invasion plans - even if at times the "Führer," as he himself put it, "ran a pacifist record."

War Was Always There

Hitler had been preparing for war since he came to power in 1933.

War against the opposition and the Jews

The Versailles Peace Treaty of June 28, 1919, held Germany and its allies fully responsible for starting World War I, and obliged the country to make reparations, disarm and reduce the size of the German army. Germany had to give up a number of territories in favor of France, Belgium and Poland. From Hitler's point of view, this was an act of national humiliation, to be "corrected" as soon as possible.

  • The National Socialists willingly propagated the legend of the "stab in the back”
  • All the blame for the defeat of the Germans in World War I was placed on the "inner enemy": the Jews and the Social Democrats.
  • Only days after they came to power in 1933, the Nazis organized the first all-German boycott of stores owned by Jews.

Prevention from Civil Service

This action was followed by the Gesetz zur Wiederherstellung des Berufsbeamtentums (Restoration of Civil Servant Status), a regulation forbidding citizens of Jewish descent in particular from civil service.Even before the open robberies began, the state was exerting pressure on Jewish businessmen. And even the Nazis sought to profit from the mass exodus of Jews from Germany by requiring everyone who left to pay 25 percent of the value of their property to the treasury. During the first two years of Nazi rule, this provided the Third Reich's coffers with an inflow of 153 million Reichmarks.

  • Most Germans saw Hitler as, if not the messiah, then certainly the savior of the nation.
  • For many, the dictatorship provided a better financial situation. Unemployment went down, consumption went up.
  • Hitler was too experienced a populist not to understand that the people needed not only guns but also oil.
  • There was oil. But the main goal was still the guns.

In 1936, the entire sports world gathered in Berlin for the Olympics.

And Hitler continued to implement his militaristic plans: in four years, according to his calculations, the Wehrmacht was to prepare for war in the east.

GP Hub at Purley War Memorial Hospital
GP Hub at Purley War Memorial Hospital

Three ‘GP Hubs’ launched across the borough in April 2017 to serve children and adults with urgent medical needs. The new ‘Hubs,’ which have replaced the Minor Injuries Unit at Purley Hospital, are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 365 days a year. They are capable of treating minor injuries as well as minor illnesses.

For an assessment and to schedule an urgent appointment at a GP Hub, people should dial NHS 111. The hubs also provide walk-in services, however the NHS recommends that patients call ahead to ensure they receive the most suitable treatment.

NHS 111 is staffed by highly-trained health advisors who can refer patients to the best medical treatment available based on their symptoms, including GP Hubs if necessary. Appointments at any of the new GP Hubs will be accessible to those living and working in Croydon if they are unable to get an appointment with their personal GP. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day and is free to call from landlines or mobiles.

The expanded services are part of a new contract between NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group and the Croydon Urgent Care Alliance, a group of hospital doctors, nurses, and local general practitioners. This means that, for the first time in the borough’s history, emergency and urgent care services will collaborate to provide more coordinated care and assistance. Patients and GPs in the Hubs will also benefit from having more services available to them.

The following are the other two GP hubs:

59 Addiscombe Road, Croydon CR0 6SD is the address for East Croydon Medical Centre. (Open 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., this has replaced the Edridge Road walk-in service)

CR0 0JA Parkway Health Centre, Parkway, New Addington (Open 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) On NHS Choices, go to the 111 page.

Moorfields Eye Hospital is a specialist eye hospital in London.

Patients who use the services of Moorfields Eye Hospital can visit one of the hospital’s clinics. Moorfields is in charge of these clinics.

Keston Medical Practice is a medical practice in Keston, England.

Keston Medical Practice, which is located on the first floor of the hospital, provides a full general practice service to patients from Purley, South Croydon, Kenley, and Coulsdon. They are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Seven GPs, three senior nurses, a nurse prescriber, and an advanced nurse practitioner make up the team. Children, pregnant women, and patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma can all benefit from the practice’s specialty clinics. To register with the practice, you must fill out a registration form purley war memorial hospital available at the front desk.

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Purley War Memorial Hospital is located in Purley, Surrey.

856 Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2YL Tel: 020 8401 3515 Address: 856 Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2YL Services and departments Use our full list of departments to find a certain therapy.

Inspection results from the Care Quality Commission

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This hospital comes highly recommended by NA workers as a place to work. There were 201 answers. This trust employs 3636 people.

Outpatients have a higher score on the Friends and Family test than inpatients.

This hospital is recommended by 93 percent of patients. There were 3396 answers.

The Test of Friends and Family

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By bus, how can I get to Purley War Memorial Hospital?

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What is the best way to get from London to Purley War Memorial Hospital via train?

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Name of the Station Distance

What stations are the closest to Purley War Memorial Hospital?

Purley War Memorial Hospital is served by the following stations:

Purley High Street (Z1) is 52 meters away, and it takes 1 minute to walk there.

Purley Hospital (E) is 115 meters distant and takes 2 minutes to walk to.

Purley Cross (C) is 259 meters distant, and it takes 4 minutes to walk there.

Purley is 369 meters away and takes 6 minutes to walk to.

The Lloyd Park Tram Stop is 4281 meters away and takes 55 minutes to walk to.

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What bus lines serve the Purley War Memorial Hospital area?

Purley War Memorial Hospital is served by the following bus lines:

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What is the distance between Purley War Memorial Hospital and the bus stop in Purley?

Purley War Memorial Hospital is a 1-minute walk from the nearest bus station.

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What is the closest bus stop in Purley to Purley War Memorial Hospital?

Purley War Memorial Hospital in Purley is closest to the Purley High Street (Z1) stop.

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What time does the first train arrive in Purley for the Purley War Memorial Hospital?

Purley War Memorial Hospital is served by the THAMESLINK, which is the first train to arrive in Purley. It comes to a halt nearby around 06:01.

When is the last train from Purley to Purley War Memorial Hospital?

The THAMESLINK is the last train to Purley War Memorial Hospital, which is located in Purley. It comes to a halt nearby around 03:13.

Purley War Memorial Hospital is served by the TRAM, which is the first Tramlink in Purley. It comes to a halt nearby around 06:09.

The TRAM is the final Tramlink that connects Purley to the Purley War Memorial Hospital. It comes to a halt nearby around 02:23.

When is the first bus to Purley War Memorial Hospital scheduled to arrive?

The first bus to Purley War Memorial Hospital in Purley is the N68. It comes to a halt nearby around 04:08.

When is the last bus from Purley to Purley War Memorial Hospital?

The final bus to Purley War Memorial Hospital in Purley is the N68. It comes to a halt nearby around 05:08.

Purley War Memorial Hospital is served by public transportation.

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Looking for the Purley War Memorial Hospital’s nearest stop or station? Here’s a list of the nearest stops to your destination: Purley High Street (Z1), Christchurch Road / Purley Hospital (E), Purley Cross (C), and Lloyd Park Tram Stop are all located in Purley.

Purley War Memorial Hospital may be reached by bus, train, or Tramlink. These are the bus lines and routes that pass through the area – Bus:

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Purley War Memorial Hospital is located in Purley, Surrey.

Patients have priority parking on the Purley campus, although there are a limited number of parking spaces available.

Drivers and passengers with a valid Blue Badge can park in handicapped areas for free. Blue Badge holders can use other places if the disabled spaces are full, but they must pay the hourly parking fee.## Parking is available.

There is parking available.

Parking for people with disabilities

Parking for disabled people is available. Please let us know if there is a problem with the information on this page.

Purley War Memorial Hospital is located in Purley, Surrey.

This branch offers online Repeat Prescription Management and EPS Nomination in addition to in-store services.

Electronic Prescription Service for Repeat Prescriptions

Prescriptions should be repeated.

Advice on Health

Medicines that are no longer needed are disposed of.

Dispensing Prescriptions

Review of Medicines

person holding assault rifle

At Selhurst Park Stadium, there is plenty of parking.

On matchdays, street parking surrounding Selhurst Park is limited, and most streets around the ground only allow permit holders or vehicles with a valid Pay & Display ticket to park.

On match days, the Sainsbury’s at one end of the ground only allows parking for 4 1/2 hours, therefore you won’t be able to park unless you arrive after 1pm. If you can find a spot, off-street parking will be your only alternative. Residents in the area frequently place objects outside their homes to deter motorists from parking.

Who is in charge of this service?

Ms. Elaine Clancy is a member of the Elaine Clancy Group.

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Procedures for diagnosis and screening Services for maternity and midwifery, Everyone’s needs are met, Disease, illness, or damage treatment

The findings of the most recent patient survey for the NHS Trust that provides this service are now available.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust patient surveys are available by clicking on the Provider’s profile.

Inspection scores

Most services are rated on four levels based on how safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led they are:

Good — the service is matching our needs and expectations.

Requires improvement – the service isn’t operating as well as it should, and we’ve told it what it needs to do better.

Inadequate – the service isn’t working properly, and we’ve filed legal action against the provider.

No rating/under appeal/rating suspended – we are unable to grade some services, and others may be under appeal by the provider. Suspended ratings are currently being assessed and will be released soon.

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The 4-year Plan

The classified document entitled "Instructions to the Four-Year Plan" ("Denkschrift zum Vierjahresplan") contained specific instructions. One of the main points was the creation of an autarky - a closed German economy, independent of world processes, aimed at arms production.

September 1938: the war is postponed, but not cancelled

In 1938, Hitler carried out the "Anschluss" by incorporating his homeland, Austria, into Germany. Soon he threatened to invade Czechoslovakia, ostensibly concerned about discrimination against the Sudeten Germans. British and French politicians feared a war that could engulf all of Europe and tried to pursue a policy of appeasement, hoping that Hitler would be pacified by obtaining part of Czechoslovakia. The Munich Agreement, drafted on September 29, 1938 and signed by British Prime Minister Chamberlain, French Prime Minister Daladier, Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini and Hitler, secured the annexation of the Sudetenland to Germany.